Closed-circuit television is the use of video cameras that we can install in and around your home or business to transmit a signal to a specific place. The data is recorded and stored for a pre-determined period of time that you can choose. You also have the option of LIVE-VIEW though the use of a monitor and/or remote access from your smart phone.

Having CCTV installed will help to deter crime in the area by collecting HD recordings for evidence and by alerting you to a potential intruder to your home or business site, thus allowing you to notify the authorities as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, the days of blurry, pixelated CCTV images are well behind us. The CCTV systems we offer are all High Definition, offering the very best image quality.

Installations vary widely in terms of size and also because optional extras can be added throughout any system. We offer a wide range of packages, from Starter-Packages that provide all your basic needs without the frills, to Fully Comprehensive systems with extra options suitable for the highest security requirements.

CCTV Buyers Guide

New installation or upgrading your current system? There are lots of products available, and there can be some confusing terms when trying to select the correct system. There are several formats to consider, the more common technologies around include: HD-TVI, HD-SDI & HD IP, some of which have advantages over others. 

Cabling needs to be taken into consideration when installing or upgrading. Technology like HD-SDI doesn't support video over CAT5 cable, but IP & TVI do.

There are lots of systems in the market which claim to be High Definition. Lion Automation defines HD as 1080p, 2.1 megapixels, some places use 720p as HD, 720p is better than standard D1 resolution. Lion Automation only installs 1080p Cameras & recorders.

Take care when selecting a CCTV kit as some recorders are sold as 1080p when they will only record in standard definition—the only HD image for these kits will be the Home Menu screen.

CCTV Types


HD-TVI is a very popular system. The video signal can be run over CAT5 cable and is fully compatible with standard analogue cameras. HD-TVI images are capable of providing detail and zoom capabilities for license plate identification and facial recognition. HD-TVI enables you to zoom in on video for closer look and produces high-resolution images. HD-TVI quality resolution comes at a fraction of the cost to HD megapixel IP cameras.


HD-SDI can be known as “Broadcast Quality”. It was the first analogue HD technology widely available and only supports HD over co-ax cable. The quality of the co-ax makes a big difference in the final quality, which can mean a lot of the budget is taken up in cable costs. HD-SDI signals are transported in latency-free and uncompressed digital signals over coaxial cables, plus crystal-clear HD images. HD-SDI solution is able to meet the demands of real-time monitoring without any latency caused by network issues.


HD-IP has become more and more popular in recent years. It is a fully digital system working over a network. The reality is we now live in a high definition world. More and more companies and home owners are upgrading existing CCTV systems for IP. Eventually IP CCTV will be the standard for CCTV installation. The technology is changing so quickly that there is always a newer and better option six months later in for both analog and IP products. However, IP will provide you with a longer term solution.