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Getting out of your comfortable position to dim a light may very well be a thing of the past with our intelligent room controllers. When you enter a room, the lights automatically turn on, taking into account the existing level of light in the room and therefore reducing energy usage. Your smart home can also use the automatic lighting as a security feature—should an unauthorised entry be detected, the lights can be programmed to flash on and off erratically, alerting your neighbours that something is not right. The skilled team at Lion Automotive will work closely with you to determine your needs, match you with the right product for your home, and install it when it is convenient for you.


Mood Lighting

Want something more from your automatic lighting? Set a mood with little more than lifting a finger! Different lighting scenes can be arranged for your automatic lighting, allowing you to adjust the colour, intensity, and other elements of the light. Create a perfect romantic dinner or brighten up your space for a productive work day, all with just a quick tap on your smart phone or touch switch!