Music & Multi-Media


Want to bring the best media with you wherever you are in your house? With intelligent multimedia, all of your devices are automated. Have your whole house or individual rooms play your favourite radio station or playlist when you enter and turn off when you leave. Never worry about leaving your devices on again—our multimedia solutions can be set to adjust for your presence.


Want a quick and easy way to boost your home security? The multi-room audio can also be used as part of your security system: should any unauthorised entry be detected, your smart home can play a siren at full volume to scare off any intruders. This unexpected feature can keep you, your family, and your belongings safer.


Tired of missing the door bell when you’re upstairs or in a distant room? Your smart home can also let you know when your guests have arrived with a door chime being played in specific rooms. All of this is possible with your smart home! It’s up to you what features you chose to use. No matter which features you choose, make sure to choose Lion Automation for a successful, professional installation.