Presence Simulation

Have you ever worried about your home when you were away?

Did you know that most burglars watch homes for days or even weeks to figures out the best patterns to decide when you are at home and when you are away? Fight back with presence simulation!

The best presence simulation works to ensure that your home looks occupied, even if you are away. People used to use light timers or dimmers to accomplish something similar, but those are predictable and easy for thieves to figure out. With presence simulation, your home will take on a life of its own as lights and music can be programmed to come on regularly, tricking criminals into thinking that somebody must be home—and encouraging those criminals to stay away!

How does it work? Through automatic electrical technology, a presence system can recreate the same sorts of use that your house usually experience. Whether that involves playing some music with dinner, watching television, or just turning on lights as you walk through the house, a presence simulation can perform these tasks at random. Our installation process is so easy, you’ll be on your way to a safer work day or holiday in no time!