Three Ways an Automatic Gate Improves Your Life

Have you ever wished that you had a sidekick to open gates for you? Those of us at Lion Automation most certainly have, and we’ve found that many of our homeowners express the same desires! When we tell people that one of our most popular services includes installing automatic gates in England, people usually ask “Why install an automatic gate?” Read on to find out our top three reasons why an automatic gate is something you want to consider. 

1. Security. This is the number one reason our customers ask about automatic gates, and this is also their number one favorite feature of the automatic gate once it is installed in our quick and easy process! With a traditional, physically locking gate, you may have to give keys to guests, meet them at a location, or waste time on complicated intercom systems. The alternative is to leave them unlocked, but this can allow anyone onto your house or into your property! With an automatic gate, you can ensure that only those who you trust will be coming home with you.

2. Hands-free entry. Whether you are walking, driving, biking, or getting home in some other way, the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day is struggle with keys, remote controllers, or even number pads. By installing an automatic gate, you can program it to allow in who needs to get in without the hassle. 

3. Pets and children. Your little ones—human or otherwise—are your world, but you know that they need to stay somewhere safe. Traditional gates are often easy for children to open, and many people neglect to close gates once they pass through them, risking the escape of your beloved animal friends. Take the extra step in home security and install an automatic gate that will open when you want it to, and keep your home, family, and pets safe from accidental exposure.

These are just a few of the great benefits of an automatic gate. When used alongside a full smart home setup, you can enjoy the highest levels of safety, security, and ease of use. To find out more, or to start your process toward an automatic gate today, contact Lion Automation today!