Top Five Ways Homes Today Are Becoming “Smarter”

Most people list “being smart” as something they enjoy and seek out in others… isn’t it about time that we start seeking the same features in our homes? Today’s homes are getting smarter than ever, and skilled electricians in England can help you to make your house as clever as they come! Here are the top five ways that today’s homes are becoming smarter.

1. The “Internet of Things”. Thanks to the Internet, many homes are getting connected—to their owners! If you’ve purchased a smart refrigerator, lighting system, security system or other “smart” appliance, you’ve already connected to this!

2. Light it up. When lights are on, people are home… so trick thieves and opportunistic criminals by making them think you are at home! Automatic lighting systems can help you to create the illusion that you are right there, walking through your house, even if you are across the world.

3. Check in. Ever wonder how your home is doing while you’re away? Concerned about forgetting to turn something off? Smart homes can help by easing this anxiety, helping to keep you informed about what’s happening at your home no matter where you’re at. Access your smart devices remotely—many even work from mobile apps!

4. Safety first! Some of the best innovations in home technology have to do with safety. Whether you are lighting up your home in your absence or monitoring with a CCTV system, trust that your smart home will help you to stay safer. 

5. Cost savings. Tired of the kids always leaving the lights on? Does the spouse keep turning the heat up, only to leave for work and forget to turn it back down? Let your home handle it! With the beauty of automation, you can cut costs and save energy. 

Is your home smart enough to keep up with you? If not, consider adding the best in smart home technology with the help of Lion Automation! Our electricians in London have been in the field for over a decade, keeping up with the latest technology to stay safe and smart!